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  • Sprinkler Service
    • Sprinkler Repair
      Installation services is just the beginning of the services you will receive from Reddi Sprinklers & Irrigation Systems. The company also offers repair and maintenance services that help keep your newly installed sprinkler system operating in peak condition. The technicians and professionals hired by the company are backflow certified. This certification indicates that the technicians possess the important knowledge necessary to pre… more»
    • Spring Start-up
      Another of the services that Reddi Sprinklers Wichita provides to ensure that your automated system is in working order year-round is a Spring startup. During this service, Reddi Sprinklers technicians test your system's components and function to ensure that it is working properly and ready to handle the rigors of the watering season. Any issues or potential service disruptions uncovered during this process are immediately remedied in or… more»
    • Winterization
      Reddi Irrigation offers sprinkler winterization in the Wichita and Kansas area. Typically you should schedule sprinkler winterization in the fall before the cold weather arrives. Freezing temperatures can damage your irrigation system, so don't wait. Sprinklers using well water can often wait until November for winterization. Reddi's winterization service includes clearing water from the lines and shutting off the main water line. Call… more»
    • Backflow Certification
      Sprinkler system backflow devices are used to protect against contamination and pollution. Think of it like a one-way gate for your sprinkler system. These backflow devices are required on all irrigation systems and must be properly installed by a licensed technician that is certified. Backflow installation is not a DIY task! Reddi Irrigation is a licensed backflow prevention tester for the city of Wichita. more»
  • Sprinkler Installation
    • New Installation
      Reddi Sprinklers & Irrigation specializes in residential home and commercial business sprinkler system installation and rebuilds in Wichita and the surrounding area. When looking to have your home or business sprinkler system installed, start taking advantage of the benefits that an automated sprinkler offers. Reddi boasts highly experienced professional technicians and staff. This experience means that Reddi can provide you with th… more»
    • Well Conversion
      Reddi Irritation services all well water systems in the Wichita Metro and surrounding areas. Wells offer fresh, clean water for whole house or irrigation purposes without those monthly water bills. Give Reddi Irrigation a call if you start to notice poor or no water pressure. We'll give your well system a thorough check and diagnose the problem. Whether is water line repair or well pump replacement, Reddi Irrigation can get your well w… more»
  • About Sprinkler Systems
    An installed sprinkler system eliminates the need for hoses and any other external attachments you may have used in the past for watering areas of your home or commercial property. A sprinkler system automates the task of watering your property and helps you save time by doing the work for you. An automated sprinkler system can regulate the amount of water used in watering your lawn or landscape, making it much more efficient than hand-… more»
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    • Contact Us
      Reddi Irrigation6205 E Kellogg Dr. Wichita, Kansas 67218(316) 858-0780 phone (316) 942-9971 fax  Questions / Schedule Service more»